Meeting Halls


Unity Community Centre- 7th Ave E
Upstairs Hall- Seating for 300+
Arena Floor (summer)- Seating for 900+
Curling Rink Floor (summer)- Seating for 600+
Contact 228-2621 for pricing and booking

New Horizons Hall- 420 Main Street
Seating for 60+
Contact Carole at 228-3981 or Pat at 228-3107

St. Peter's Church Hall- 5th Ave W
Seating for 300+
Call 228-2341 Mon to Fri 9 am to 1 pm

Legion Hall- 312 Main Street
Seating for 125+
Contact Jim at 210-9290


Adanac Hall- Museum Grounds
Seating for 100+
Call Chris at 228-4448 or 228-4464

Unity Agro-Plex- Hwy 14 (Rodeo Grounds)
Seating for 285
Call Joan at 228-2758

United Church Hall- 310 1st Street E
Upstairs Hall- Seating for 240
Downstairs Hall- Seating for 150
Call Janice at 228-8262

Star Express- 133 2nd Ave E
Several Meeting Rooms- Seating for 10 to 60
Call Fanny at 228-3933