Building Process

Click HERE for the Permit Check List from Superior Safety Codes. 

1. Contact or meet informally to discuss your intentions with the Town of Unity staff.

2. Have your site plan, building plans, and drawings professionally prepared. If you have any questions on the standard of plans/drawings required, contact Superior Safety Codes, 1-888-358-5545.

3. Complete the Town of Unity's Building Permit Application Package for the appropriate land-use zone and submit it digitally with the supporting drawings to the Development Officer, . 

4. The package will be reviewed and if deemed to conform to Town of Unity bylaws, it will be forwarded to Superior Safety Codes for a building inspection review- approximate timeline is 4 to 6 weeks in the summer months, 2 to 4 weeks in the winter months. 

5. Pending approval from the building inspection review, a Building Permit and invoice for fee will be provided to applicants, outlining any conditions required for construction. 

6. The building permit fee must be paid prior to construction commencement. 

7. Superior Safety Codes may conduct periodic site inspections during and following construction. 


$5.00/$1000 of construction + $12 title search + $20/ SAMA Inspection (1 for sheds/decks, 2 for detached garages, 3 for principal-use buildings) +  $25 Admin Fee = Town of Unity Building Permit Fee, due prior to commencement and receiving Permit (NOTE: You will be provided an invoice). Residential dwelling construction will also require basement/foundation staking and Real Property Report (copy will be provided to homeowner) provided by Caltech Surveys, apprx. cost $2500 + GST, invoiced as part of Building Permit Fee.