Tax and Utility Information

2017 Property Tax Information

Land of Living Sky/Light of Christ School Division Residential Mill Rate- 4.12

Land of Living Sky/Light of Christ Catholic School Division Ag- Commercial - Resource Mill Rates (respectively)- 1.43, 6.27, 9.68

Town of Unity Mill Rate Factors- Ag .704; Residential .705, Commercial/Industrial 1.385

Town of Unity Mill Rate- 11.75

Town of Unity Minimum Tax for Vacant Land- $1075.00

Town of Unity Minimum Tax for Land with Improvements- $1075.00

Town of Unity Base Tax for Road Improvements- $100

Total 2017 Taxable Assessment Town of Unity- 199,312,430

2016 Expenditure Summary and 2017 Capital Plans click here

2017 Town of Unity Operating and Capital Budget (with 2016 Actuals) click here

Assessment Informtion

Finance Information

Utility Information

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Water and Sewer Service Deposits for Renters (refundable after deduction of last billing upon purchase of a house/building or move from community)
Residential- $250.00
Commercial- $275.00

Residential Water and Sewer Billing (quarterly)
Minimum Water Charge for up to 6000 gallons- $66.00
Water Charge for every 1000 gallons after 6000-$7.75/1000 gallons
Sewer Charge- $18.00
Environmental Levy+W/S Levy- $121.00
Meter Rental- $3.50

Garbage Collection
Residential Tag-A-Bag $2.00/tag/bag user-fee for garbage collection
Commercial- Tag-A-Bag or on a quarterly basis depending upon volume