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A Christmas Message from Mayor Maljan

“And so it is Christmas, and what have you done?”

These are words from a popular Christmas carol that I love.  These are powerful words and certainly gave me a cause to think and a reason to ponder.

We are all so hung up with the trappings of the season!  What to buy? What to give? What to wear? What next?    Perhaps the answer is simple after all.  All we need to do is give. 

If I am good politician, I would emphatically state all that you have been given.  If I am a good mayor, I would do a checklist of all the projects we hope to give you  in the near future.  If I am a good person, I would have to ask myself but what have I done for the citizens of my town personally?  Truthfully, PEOPLE play a largest part in the life I live.  In other words “what have I done?”

 Being an avid Scrabble player, I looked up the meaning of the word, “people”. The definition said “to furnish with inhabitants” It does not recognize the word as a noun!  So I checked the word “citizen” and it is defined as a resident of a city or town.  I stand to be corrected! 

When I think of citizens I think of our families, children, seniors, new to towners, business owners, young families, health, protective and ministerial, educational providers, taxpayers , and volunteers. How on earth do I answer to “and what have I done?”

These thoughts pretty much put fear and frustration in motion! So I will often take a deep breath and remember my New Year’s Resolution of 2013! That’s right! I tried to keep it daily.  It was to do one kind act of kindness every day. Well at times it was perhaps only to take  time to listen , to create some much needed laughter, talk to a stranger, or perhaps just give someone a warm loaf of homemade bread. That one really works well!

I believed it did make me a better politician (?), a better mayor and a better person.  I know it is much like the “pay it forward” concept but I wanted to “pay it present”.  Just imagine, what if all citizens of our town did this! Stats Canada says our population is 2387 (+) , x 365 days . Do the math…it puts us over the million!!  Just imagine!  It would give a new meaning to our namesake “Unity”.

Perhaps you will hear this beautiful Christmas  carol this month.  Instead of hearing, “and what have you done” you will remember what your mayor asks of you.  Make your resolution in the New Year meaningful.

In the spirit of this time of year, to each and every one of you,  I wish you a Happy Holiday, I wish you Season’s Greetings, but most of all I wish you a very, very Merry Christmas.

So very proud of our town!

Mayor Sylvia Maljan

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