Administration Department

The Administration Department is responsible for the interpretation and implementation of the bylaws of the Town of Unity, as well as the collection of revenue and payment of expenses.
Administrator - Aileen Garrett (email
Director of Finance - Kavi Pandoo (email

Public Works Department

Unity Public Works has the following snow removal tips- please click here to assist with snow removal.

The Public Works Department is responsible for the maintenance and construction of the water and sewer infrastructure and roadways as well as sanitary collection and processing of recycling.
Director of Public Works and Utilities - Collin Field (email


Culture, Parks and Recreation Department

The Culture, Parks and Recreation Department is responsible for the maintenance of recreational facilities, parks and green spaces within the Town of Unity as well as the provision of cultural and recreational programming in the Town of Unity.
Director of Culture, Parks and Recreation - Ryan Doetzel (email


Economic Development Department

The Economic Development Department is responsible for assisting new or existing businesses, land sales, tax incentives, tourism development, special event planning, and general promotion of the Town and Region.
Director of Economic Development - Carey Baker (email

In addition to the above departments, there are several organizations and agencies that provide services to the Unity Residents through annual budget allocation and contracts:

Unity Volunteer Fire Department

The Unity Volunteer Fire Department is responsible for responding to fire and emergency situations. For controlled burns, call 1-866-822-8522. For all Fire Emergencies call 911.
Volunteer Fire Chief - Leroy Timmermans

Unity Emergency Management

The Red Cross has developed '3 Ways to Survive a Tornado' - please click here to learn more.

The Unity Emergency Measures Committee and Co-ordinator interprets and implements the EMO Plan when required. Unity EMO Co-ordinator - Carey Baker

Unity Bylaw Enforcement

The Town of Unity employs a Bylaw Enforcement Officer, Randy Kammerer. To register a complaint or potential bylaw enfraction contact the Unity Town Office. (email

Unity Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) Detachment

The Unity RCMP is responsible for law enforcement in the Unity District. For all emergencies call 911.
Detachment Office - 228-6300

Unity Library

The Unity Library is located at #4-100 1st Ave W (next to the Unity Town Office). The Unity Library is open Monday from 9 am to 1 pm, and Tuesday and Thursdays from 1 pm to 9 pm (except holidays). The Unity Library has a variety of resources including access to books and computers/ internet. Unity Library services are provided through the Wheatland Regional Library system.

Librarian - Michelle Schumack 228- 2802